Sven Co-op is a co-operative game originally based around Valve Software's Half-Life.
 In this game players must work together against computer controlled enemies and solve puzzles as a team.
Install the game
CONNECT to server
Player Stats
mapcycle.txt (voteable maps updated Monday Aug 30, 2021)
nom.txt (maps that can be nominated for rtv)
Client Commands:
Type '.m' in CONSOLE to list the following commands:
Type '/buy' in CHAT to buy weapons
Type 'rtv' in CHAT to Rock The Vote/change the map
Type 'votemenu' in CONSOLE to change map etc
Type '.vc' in CONSOLE to use Voice Commands.
Type '.listsounds' in CONSOLE for ChatSounds. Type '.cspitch #' in CONSOLE to change pitch.
Type '.listmodels' in CONSOLE for a list of all players and their models.
Type '.e' in CONSOLE for emotes
Type '!stuck' or '!unstuck' or 'unstuck' in CHAT if you're stuck!!!!!
Teleport to player mod:
Type '/tp' or '!tp' for tp menu OR type '/tp playername' or '!tp playername'
Type 'trail menu' in CHAT for trails or type 'trail color'
Type 'glow menu' in CHAT to glow or type 'glow color'
Type 'hat menu' in CHAT for hats or type 'hat name'
Type 'pet menu' in CHAT for pets or type 'pet name'
Type 'thetime' for the time and 'timeleft' for remaining time
AntiBlock plugin:
Press 'e'/ your +USE key to switch places with a player.
Survival Mode works on most maps. There are no checkpoints though.
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